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Företagsakademin 3.0 – The Business Academy 3.0 – is a joint venture set up by the City of Malmö, Malmö University and Malmö Business Groups (a local business network) for companies wanting to grow and strengthen their competitiveness through CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. Our work is based on the belief that companies who embrace CSR within their business practice will develop and become more attractive on the market, while clearly take a stand for a sustainable society.

We offer members of Malmö Business Groups tailored training and networking within CSR, innovation and exports, all free of charge. This year, 18 SMEs are involved in the business development program focusing on CSR, leadership, sustainable business models, innovation, export and marketing. In addition, the project include networking and seminar activities for a further 200 companies. Thus creating the opportunity for local and regional companies to participate to increase their knowledge and strengthen their professional network.

Our goal is two fold:
1, to make CSR an integral part of the participating small business planning and business development, thereby allowing increased growth, competitiveness and innovation development, and
2, to strengthen employees’ individual skills.
We see a strong link between CSR and innovation in inspiring businesses to come up with new business ideas.

Företagsakademin 3.0 is a collaboration between Malmö Business Groups, Malmö University and the City of Malmö:

  • Malmö Business groups consists of 1200 SME-member companies of which 18 participate in a business development program focusing on CSR, innovation and export
  • Malmö University, Dep for innovation and development, as well as the national centre of excellence Mötesplats Social Innovation in the field of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, engulfing academia, industry, government and non-profit actors
  • The City of Malmö, represented by the City District of Rosengård, who´s the project owner, and the Department of Trade and Commerce

Företagsakademin´s steering committee consists of:

  • Lars-Åke Ståhl, Director, Malmö East City District Council
  • Hanna Sigsjö, Director, Mötesplats Social Innovation
  • Anna-Karin Alm, Coordinator dep. Innovation and Development, MalmöUniversity
  • Liselotte Ehn, Business Developer, City of Malmö
  • Ingemar Holm, Chairman, Limhamn Business Group
  • Carl-Gustaf Degerhammar, Secretary, Fosie Business Group
  • Cecilia Fredholm, Manager, Företagsakademin 3.0

The project runs from February 2012-January 2014 and is funded by the European Social Fund. The total project budget is about 7.9 million SEK.